Buying a Home - Useful Tips

Basics of Buying your Home


"Some people look for a beautiful place; others choose to make a place beautiful."


Which of these two types of people are you? Of course, there's no right or wrong, and each individual prospective Home Buyer will have their own, individual reasons for a final decision to make an offer. Some prospective Buyers will want to settle right into their new Home, with relatively minor, cosmetic adjustments. Other prospective Buyers might want to leave an individual stamp on their new property, perhaps by radically altering rooms with the addition or removal of partition walls, or even extensions to the property!


Buying your Home can be a daunting experience - at Buchanans Estate Agents we're here to assist you in this process, and in making a decision. There are many issues faced by a potential Buyer, and below we've made another short guide to the Basics of Buying your Home.


Are you ready? Many homebuyers first have a previous Home to sell before searching for and making a decision to buy a new one. It's highly recommended to have these affairs completely out of the way before proceeding to buy your new property, to have, "the money in the bank", as it were. A Sale could collapse if a buyer has not secured sale of their previous property.


Mortgage approval is the main priority in proceeding with your decision to buy, and you should understand the terms of this completely, such as the upper price limit.


Keep Calm & Carry On! Searching for your new Home can be a draining, frustrating, difficult process. It's rare to see anyone fall in love with a property at first sight (though not impossible!), so it will be best to prepare yourself for this process and focus on the tasks required to close the Deal on your Property. At Buchanans we're well aware of the toll viewing various properties can have - we're always happy to schedule viewings at your convenience outside of office hours, or to offer a listening ear and friendly advice. We love what we do and we're proud to put our Customers first.


No house is perfect. Sometimes a Buyer can be put off by minor cosmetic issues, such as paintwork, which can detract from the potential of a Home. Often a minor expense will resolve these issues, it's important to stay focussed on the essential feature of the property, since often a new Buyer will completely redecorate their home anyway.


Always check Loose Ends! Don't get despondent if you haven't secured the property you really wanted. There are one hundred and one ways a deal can fall through, so get your name on the Underbidders List as a matter of priority if you are interested in a property, but it falls under your budget. Often underbidders call back within a few weeks of a sale and can find the deal has collapsed.


You’ve Done It! Now that you have finally had your offer accepted on a property and have moved into your new home, you may notice leaks, for instance, or other minor issues that you did not notice at the time of Buying. You may also want to make small alterations to your new home. It is also possible you may see other properties in your area sell for less. These are all well known issues for new property owners, and it's important to take comfort that owning your own Home is a form of economic security as well as personal wellbeing - since often renting a Home can be much more expensive.


So that's our Basic Guide to Buying. Don't worry! Buchanans Estate Agents provides all of our clients with comprehensive guidance and support throughout the process of Buying your Property. We know this can be a lengthy, daunting process and Our Mission is to be there with you throughout.


Nothing gives us more satisfaction here at Buchanans Estate Agents than seeing a happy, smiling Buyer after the major decision to Buy.