Selling your Home: A Bitesize Guide



"First Impressions are the most lasting," or so the old saying goes. Within seconds, yes, seconds, a potential home buyer will have formed an opinion and a perspective on your home, which can prove enduring.


Planning and acting now to fully realise the value of your Home can add thousands to its value. Below, we've compiled a basic guide for selling your Home as a reflection of its value to you - for a grand First Impression.


1. The Spring Clean. It's all hands on deck for this one! A full throttle, floor to ceiling Spring Clean of your Home will add instant value to your home. Sparkling floors and surfaces, particularly in key areas of a Home like the Kitchen and Bathroom - fresh, clean presentation for important rooms of your Home will creating lasting impressions. Your Home will look tidy and smell fresh and clean, instantly appealing to any potential Buyer of your Home.


2. Minor Repairs. It's DIY time. Consider any minor repairs needed around your Home; a broken door handle, a cracked tile or window, or maybe a dripping tap everyone has become used to! Even minor stains on carpet can influence the value of your Home - consider doing what you can to fix anything minor in your Home so that it isn't one of the first things a potential Buyer draws attention to.


3. A lick of paint. Painting your Home, especially if it hasn't been done for a while, can make a dramatic impact on a potential Buyer. A freshly painted Home looks fresh and clean, stands out and shows a potential Buyer that you are proud of your Home. Choosing colours that are neutral will also easily allow a potential Buyer to visualise their own possible plans for your Home.


4. Clutter. Trying to minimise the amount of furniture and personal belongings in your Home before potential Buyers come for viewings will make your Home feel more spacious and organised. A potential Buyer will feel better able to imagine their own plans and realise the full potential for each room of your Home.


5. Gardening. If your Home has a garden, however small, consider clearing away any overgrown plants, weeds or even planting some new flowers. Many potential Home Buyers will have an interest in an outside space, and having an appealing, maintained garden area will impress.


6. Marketing - This is where We come in!

Buchanans Estate Agents makes full use of modern social media marketing and technology to go above and beyond for our clients. Property Buyers are increasingly expecting this as a standard, and these powerful tools can help your Property to reach the widest possible audience.


We use high quality, professional equipment, including the very latest in 360⁰ Camera Technology. We're proud to be the first Estate Agents in Donegal to offer this. Our entire ethos is based on working with you, to provide an excellent service and value for money.


At Buchanans Estate Agents, we're committed to helping you to realise the full value of your Home. We're happy to help with advice and assistance in making a success of selling your Home. It's our Mission - Excellent Customer Service and Satisfaction.


If you are thinking of selling your Property, Buchanans Estate Agents will provide you with a free valuation, which can be arranged at your convenience.